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Indivisible Reiterates Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in Israel and Gaza

The ICJ ruling underscores what we’ve known for months - the humanitarian situation in Gaza is beyond a crisis point, and the ongoing military campaign from Israel is actively exacerbating it and causing a catastrophic loss of civilian Palestinian lives. As humanitarian organizations are making clear, the best way for Israel to comply with the provisional measures from the ICJ is an immediate ceasefire and a massive influx of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Gov. Abbott’s Lawless Defiance of the Supreme Court

Governor Abbott is choosing to defy the federal government in order to unilaterally pursue a cruel and illegal policy of murder on our southern border, outside the checks and balances of our governing system. That Republican office holders across the country are standing with him is as clear a sign as any that this party is lost to anti-American extremism that threatens our very existence.

GOP Launch of Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson is closing out this humiliating year by deprioritizing critical legislation before the holidays to instead launch a nakedly political impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

Indivisible Welcomes News of a Temporary Ceasefire

A temporary ceasefire proves that diplomacy - not war - can bring an end to the bombing and violence. The Israeli government’s bombardment and blockade have been indiscriminate, causing an unbearable loss of Palestinian lives and destruction in Gaza.

Indivisible on Joe Manchin’s Announcement

Indivisible activists and the state's strong network of grassroots groups all worked for years to get Joe Manchin to engage with them in good faith. He could have done so much more for his state with the leverage he had.

Judge Daniel McCaffery Victory in Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Election

Judge McCaffery's election is a testament to his record and pro-choice platform, but a product of Indivisibles on the ground who have worked tooth and nail to turnout voters for this election. It is not only a resounding win for democracy and personal freedom, but also a clear rejection of MAGA extremism by voters in Pennsylvania.