This Week's Actions

Every part of the progressive ecosystem is under threat by this President and Congress. The only way to win is by standing together, indivisible. These are the issues we think we can have the most impact on right now:

What’s Next in the Fight to Protect Dreamers

We need pressure our Members of Congress to make sure we get a DACA fix that is consistent with our values and that doesn’t require Dreamers to sacrifice their parents in the process.

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Tell Your Members of Congress that Their Prayers are Not Enough

On February 14, 2018, a high school in Broward County, Florida, experienced a mass shooting when a former student used a legally-purchased assault weapon to kill at least 17 students. This marked the eighteenth mass shooting in 2018. Donald Trump and Members of Congress continue to extend “thoughts and prayers,” but it’s not enough. It is time for Congress to do something to stop this type of gun violence.

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Don’t Let Trump Get Away With Highway Robbery

Trump’s infrastructure plan is a scam that will result in public assets being privatized and costs going up for taxpayers through user fees and tolls. It will NOT result in good jobs or better infrastructure—but it would be a massive handout to hedge funds and an environmental catastrophe that leaves behind the serious needs of too many communities.

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Recess is Coming

Last February, you showed the world what’s possible when people show up to hold their members of Congress accountable. At town halls. At district offices. At public events. This February, we do it again.

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A Practical Guide for Endorsing in Primaries and Beyond

The original Indivisible Guide focused on how to act locally to influence your elected officials. This guide focuses on how to act locally to replace them. To stop the Trump agenda of racism, authoritarianism, and plutocracy, we have to take back power. Indivisible groups, acting in concert with thousands more around the country, have the potential to help bring about the change we need.

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These actions are updated throughout the week.
Learn more about how we make decisions about which issues to prioritize here.

There Are


across the nation taking Indivisible action in every
single congressional district. People like you lead them.
People like you build them.

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COOKIN’ UP RESISTANCE! We had 40 like minded people who came together to relax, recharge and get ready to continue to resist the agenda that is threatening ALL of humanity.

- Indivisible Lake County