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Press Releases

New Jersey Judge Ruling on County Line Ballot System

This is a brand new day in New Jersey, one where the people, not political machines, decide the best candidate to carry the banner for their party. Our democracy is all the stronger for this decision, and we cannot wait to see the results of New Jersey’s first modern primary in over a century.

Indivisible Endorses Ruben Gallego in the Arizona Senate Race

We are thrilled to join the dozens of Indivisible groups across Arizona to announce our endorsement of Ruben Gallego for Senate. Ruben has emerged as a true fighter for all Arizonans and will finally deliver real representation for the Grand Canyon State that constituents have been sorely missing in Kyrsten Sinema.

Reject Trump-Era Immigration Policies

Indivisible opposes bringing back failed Trump-era immigration policies, and we oppose handing a future Republican president new powers to inflict their cruel agenda on migrants and asylum seekers.

Indivisible Naperville’s event on January 6, 2024

Our expectation is that all Indivisible groups create spaces that allow for the physical safety and respect for all attendees, and that they appreciate and respect other activists, especially those from marginalized groups, regardless of policy differences.