Elections 101

Voting Rights and Voter Suppression: Register, Register, Register

Created in partnership with Access Democracy

Voter registration is about ensuring that every American can be an active participant in our democracy. Unfortunately, limiting voter registration also has been used historically as a tool of voter suppression—from prohibiting African Americans and women from voting, to implementing rules that make it harder for people with criminal convictions to vote. To this day, people of color, lower income Americans, and young people continue to face institutional barriers to voting.

You can change that by registering every eligible person you know, everywhere you go.


You! You can increase voter participation in your community by helping your friends and neighbors register to vote.


It starts with you. Make sure your own voter registration is up-to-date! Go to indivisible.turbovote.org to check your registration status.

Check out Indivisible’s quick & easy voter registration guide. You can learn more about who is eligible to register to vote and about the rules for registering voters in your state.

Keep in mind any special restrictions or requirements your state may have about conducting a voter registration drive. You gathered this information during your call with the local elections administrator (Step 2).

Register every eligible person you know, everywhere you go.

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