Elections 101

Voting Rights and Voter Suppression: Become a Poll Worker

Created in partnership with Access Democracy

A friendly, knowledgeable poll worker can be the difference between a citizen successfully voting and a voter being inadvertently turned away from the polls. Poll workers are at the front lines of our democracy, ensuring that the process of voting is smooth, and that every eligible voter is able to cast a vote that counts. From checking in voters as they arrive at the polling place to triaging problems like voting machine breakdowns and long lines, poll workers play a critical role in ensuring a successful Election Day.

If you believe that every American has the right to vote, you should consider serving as a poll worker, especially because many areas find it challenging to recruit poll workers. This is particularly true if you are bilingual. Election officials sometimes face gaps in identifying poll workers who are fluent in languages commonly spoken in their communities.

Remember that being an official poll worker is different from being a poll observer, who is a volunteer with a campaign or other organization who monitors voting, and assists election officials and voters when problems arise.


You! Poll workers are an essential part of our election system. They staff polling places and help voters on voting days. Poll workers interact face-to-face with voters, and are often the first people to help troubleshoot if there are any issues. Election officials sometimes report that they don’t have enough poll workers to successfully run the election. You can change that!


Become a poll worker! Follow the instructions you collected from your local election official in Step 2, attend the training, and you are ready to serve as a poll worker!

You can also look up your state’s requirements for being a poll worker here.

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