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Tell Congress: Don’t Let Trump Exploit a Tragedy

Indivisible mourns the latest act of terror in New York City and stands in solidarity with all impacted. We condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms.

As we continue to grieve, we resolve to remain vigilant in ensuring that Trump does not exploit this tragedy to obtain dangerous new powers or harm our rights and liberties.

Civil liberties are always under threat under Trump. He has already responded by tweeting about his Muslim ban, the need for even more “extreme vetting,” and a call to crack down on immigration. He’s also indicated he’s open to sending the attacker to Guantanamo, which would be a human rights violation and set dangerous precedent.

Trump’s agenda of white supremacy, fear and chaos has already made us less safe. Playing on racial and religious fears serves as a recruiting tool for violence, makes us all vulnerable to ramped-up tensions and violence, and distracts resources from real solutions. We can’t allow him to cash in on this tragedy to do further damage.


We all want and deserve security, but not all “security” policies actually keep us safer. In times of fear and conflict, it becomes easier to accept dangerous ideas that weaken our rights and liberties, and perpetuate discrimination and violence.

Look no further than the aftermath of 9/11. After those attacks, the United States launched a global, permanent war and turned its back on some of its professed values by embracing torture, anti-Muslim discrimination, warrantless surveillance and other abuses. More than a decade and a half later, not only are we not safer, the threat of global violence has actually increased, and the rights that make us most secure have been weakened.

We must stand strong in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. We must respond to this tragedy with justice and solidarity, not threats and chaos.


As facts and debate continue to develop, your Members of Congress are sure to face difficult choices. Both in the national narrative and on upcoming policy proposals, they will each play a key role in protecting us from Trump’s fear mongering and bigotry in the wake of this attack.

Congress needs to hear from constituents in order to be bold and stand up against hate and fear and in favor of rights and peace.

Talk to your MoCs and ask them to denounce Trump’s knee-jerk tweets, and to commit to vote against any resulting proposals that scapegoat immigrants and Muslims.