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WATCH: Everything You Need to Make The Most of August Recess

Over the course of August, Congress will be on recess for several weeks. This is a tremendous opportunity for Indivisible groups across the country to keep up the pressure on their senators and representatives. Whether at festivals, town halls, parades, public events, or even fundraisers, August recess is a huge moment for grassroots groups to demonstrate their strength and reach, and to make their voices heard and continue holding their members of Congress accountable. Indivisible is excited to partner with NextGen on a video series to give simple and practical tips for constituents looking to make their voices heard. These videos cover some of the most common tools grassroots groups can use to exercise their constituent power this recess—from asking a tough question at a town hall, to holding your own constituents' town hall if your member of Congress won't have one, to shooting compelling video that can get press coverage and go viral.

 Go Out and Do It: Making Yourself Heard Over August Recess

Make Your Voice Heard: How To Ask A Question At A Town Hall

Exercise Your Rights: How To Hold A Constituents' Town Hall And Invite Media

A Little Help From My Friends: Ask A Neighboring Rep To #AdoptADistrict

Seeing is Believing: How to Shoot a Video to Advance Your Cause