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#KillTheBill Day Of Action: Local Senate Offices

National Day of Action on Tuesday July 18

We are encouraging Indivisible groups to plan visits to as many of their Senators’ in-state offices as they can around the state. Statewide will be the gold standard. We’ll be sharing stories, being as visible as possible and leaving behind photos and stories of people impacted by TrumpCare for them to remember when they vote. Beyond that, we’re encouraging groups to be visible outside the offices however they can. Bring whatever clothing, props and signage you believe work best for your group.

This action will mirror similar events happening in DC at the key Senators’ Capitol Hill offices.


Planning your Event

Before the event:

  1. Hold a special planning call or meeting with your group to review the below steps with your group and divide up responsibilities.
  2. Reach out to other Indivisible groups across the state. To significantly ramp up impact, coordinate with indivisible groups in your area to orchestrate your sit-ins at the local office on Tuesday, July 18. Can you all go at the same time? Could you all have the same message on your signs? Take a look at the website and facebook to find other groups, and reach out to to get help finding other groups in the state to coordinate with if you’re having trouble. But don’t wait; coordination is great, but go ahead and make the plan for your local office!
  3. Please register your event here so we can keep track of all the amazing work our groups are doing on the Day of Action and turn out more people (and media!). We want you on Maddow, CNN, in national press, and in your local papers. We need every senator to see the intense opposition to TrumpCare back home as they prepare to cast their vote. If you register, we can amplify.
  4. Print out photos and stories to represent people who would be hurt by TrumpCare to bring with you. By now, our Senators should have heard many stories from constituents who would be impacted by their vote. This day is a way to remind them of those stories, and show them again that TrumpCare impacts everyone.Plan this in a way that feels authentic for your group. If your group would like to rally around a couple of group members who would be especially impacted, bring multiple photos of them. If your group has collected stacks of stories from local families, bring those stacks. If group members would each like to represent different people in their lives who would be impacted in different ways, big and small, have everyone bring their own photos. People should feel free to bring photos of themselves, too.Indivisible activists will be visiting DC offices of key senators to deliver stories and photos from their constituents.

During the Event

To review the basics of visiting a Senate state office, check out our July Recess Action Plan.

  1. Go inside. Ask if your entire group can go in the office. If the staffers try to separate your group, do not go inside and separate. Demand that instead the staffer come outside to address your group. Either everyone goes inside or no one goes inside.
  2. Introduce your group. Assign one or two group members to introduce your group and lead the discussion.
  3. Share stories. Have group members introduce the people in the photos they brought and describe briefly how they’ll be impacted by TrumpCare. Tell them you’d like the senator to keep these faces in mind if the vote comes to the floor. If your senator has publicly opposed the bill, thank them and ask them to keep these constituents in mind as they fight against the bill until the end.
  4. Share photos on social media in real-time. Because events will be happening simultaneously in different places, getting lots of photos online in a timely way will be especially important. Assign multiple photographers and videographers to “cover” the event for Twitter. Have these citizen journalists “interview” people about the photos and stories they have brought. (Remember: hold your phone horizontally, especially for videos!)
  5. Hold signs, posters, and photos of people impacted by healthcare. Have speakers read stories over a bullhorn. Make the point that your Senator should be keeping these names and stories in mind when they vote.
  6. Lead chants. Example chants:
    • Patients, not profits! Profits—get off it!
    • Hey, hey! Ho, ho! TrumpCare has got to go!
    • What do we want? Healthcare? When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it? Shut it down! If we don’t get it? Shut it down!
    • Save our care! Save our care!
    • Trump Care is a lie! They don’t care if people die!
    • Up, up, up with the people! Down, down, down with TrumpCare!
    • Kill the bill! Kill the bill!
  7. Leave your photos and stories behind.
    • If your group is able to meet with staffers, leave your materials inside with them.
    • If the office is especially supportive, suggest taking a group photo with the staff with your photos. Use the photo to thank the senator on social media.
    • If you’re not allowed in the office and don’t get a meeting at all, leave photos on the office door. Bring something to stick them on the door with, like sticky tack.  Take lots photos of the door for social media.

After the Event

  1. Send any photos or video you took to Share these on social media, and be sure to tag @IndivisibleTeam on Twitter!
  2. Debrief with your team! Go back to your local group and share your experiences with them. Together, make a plan to keep up the pressure.
  3. Continue tweeting messages at your senators, highlighting the photos of people.