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#KillTheBill Day Of Action: DC Offices


Goal, Strategy, Tactics

We want to protect the health coverage of millions of Americans by preventing TrumpCare from passing in the Senate. We know that Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans would like to see a vote on the bill as soon as Thursday, July 20. That means we have less than a week to act.

To delay or defeat the bill, we need to undercut the deals they’re trying to make with the final holdouts—Senators Capito, Murkowski, Heller, Sullivan, Collins—with constituent pressure. Indivisible groups across the nation will participate in a coordinated Day of Action to demonstrate our unending opposition to this effort. Because you live near the Capital, you’re in a unique position to meet the most influential players where they’re at.

MoCs only care about their own constituents and the effect this bill will have on their state. They won’t be home to hear from those constituents, so we need you to be a surrogate for your friends in distant places. You can bring their stories to the DC offices of the Senators that are most likely to vote ‘No.’

Plan a visit to a crucial Senator’s DC office

On Tuesday, July 18, we will have a national Day of Action against TrumpCare. Local groups in the DC metro area have a unique opportunity to support Indivisible members who are constituents of the Senators who want to hide from their constituents on this.

Indivisible members across the DMV will gather near the Russell building and then head out to Senate offices to tell the stories of affected people who haven’t been able to reach their Senators, and who can’t travel this far just to tell their stories.  After that, we’ll join other progressive groups at the People’s Filibuster in Upper Senate Park.

This action will mirror similar events at the same Senators’ regional offices back home on the same day! Constituents will be gathering en masse to protest the bill, share their stories, and leave a scrapbook of health care stories at the offices.

Before the event:

Step 1: Sign up to attend an office visit at one of the target Senators’ offices.

Step 2: Set a calendar reminder, and invite your friends!

At the event:

Step 1: At 12 PM EST, meet at 99 C St NE (the corner of 1st and C) with other Indivisible members. We’ll bring printouts of health care stories and assign the following roles:

  • First person into each office—if possible, we’ll want to choose someone with a personal connection to the state.
  • Chant leader
  • Social media coordinator/livestream coordinator
  • De-escalator

Step 2: Everyone walks to the Senate office building together, photos in hand.

Step 3: Line up inside the Senators’ offices, and, if there are enough of you, let the line wind through the hallway outside.

Step 4: Take turns reading the stories of the Senator’s constituents back home. Start out by stating their name, and what city they’re from, then share their health care story. Send any photos you’re taking to and livestream link as well.

Step 5: Leave your printout of their photo and story on the desk of the Senate staff in the office, and move outside.

Step 6: The next person in line reads a story, and joins you outside the office.

Step 7: Once everyone is gathered outside, and all stories have been shared, exit the building chanting together. 

Example chants:

  • Patients, not profits! Profits - get off it!
  • Hey, hey! Ho, ho! TrumpCare has got to go!
  • What do we want? Health care? When do we want it? Now! What do we want? Health care? When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it? Shut it down! If we don’t get it? Shut it down! I said “If we don’t get it?” Shut! It! Down!
  • Save our care! Save our care!
  • Trump Care is a lie! They don’t care if people die!
  • Up, up, up with the people! Down, down, down with TrumpCare!
  • Kill the bill! Kill the bill!

Step 8: Once you exit, chanting, join the People’s Filibuster at Upper Senate Park! The event will go from 9 AM- 6 PM EST.

BONUS: If you don’t know others at the event, be sure to introduce yourself others and exchange contact information!

After the event

Step 1: Send any photos or video you took to Share these on social media, and be sure to tag @IndivisibleTeam on Twitter!

Step 2: Debrief! Everyone at the event who is from the same group should share their experience from the action with members who couldn’t attend. This could be via conference call, in-person meeting, or email.

  • Share what went well! Share a sentence or two of what you would have done differently. How did it feel to be part of that action?
  • Remind others that we still haven’t killed the bill and briefly run through the state of play.
  • Ask them to take action and call their Senators. Use the Indivisible scripts on TrumpCare!