Hold Your MoC Accountable For Voting to Deport Dreamers

For months, Members of Congress (MoCs) on both sides of the aisle have been talking about how important it is to pass the Dream Act before the end of the year to protect Dreamers from the Trump deportation machine. The CR that passed both the House and the Senate today was their last chance of the year to pass the Dream Act and protect Dreamers, and they didn’t get it done. There’s no two ways about it: voting for this CR without the Dream Act attached was a vote to deport Dreamers. An average of 122 Dreamers will continue to lose their protections and be exposed to deportation everyday until Congress remedies this emergency.

The MoCs who voted to leave town for the holidays instead of protecting Dreamers need to be held accountable. You can check to see how your MoC voted by clicking here for the House and here for the Senate, then call your MoC and tell them that you demand that they fight to protect Dreamers at every opportunity until the Dream Act is passed. Take action now by calling them at 1-855-980-2355 (just dial and we'll connect you to your Senator— call back and we'll connect you to the other). 

Sample Call Script

Call Now!
Caller: Hello! My name is ___ and I’m calling from [part of state]. I wanted to tell [Congressman / Senator] ___ that I am very disappointed they voted for the CR that didn’t include the Dream Act. Dreamers deserve MoCs who will stand with them and use their power to protect them from the Trump deportation machine. It’s a disgrace that [Congressman / Senator] went home for the holidays without ensuring that Dreamers were adequately protected.

Staffer: Thank you for calling. The Senator feels that it was critical for [her / him] to vote yes on this CR—it funded CHIP through the end of March, and ensured that the government would stay open until next year.

Caller: The [Congressman / Senator] needs to understand that passing the Dream Act is an emergency. An average of 122 Dreamers are losing their protections every day that this bill is not signed into law, and after the deadline in March thousands more will be exposed to deportation. I expect the [Senator / Congressman] to make passing the Dream Act a top priority in the new year, which means demanding that the Dream Act be attached to bills—such as the next CR on January 19—that require bipartisan support.

Staffer: I’ll pass along your thoughts to the [Congressman / Senator].

Caller: Yes please do, and please take down my contact information so you can let me know what the Senator decides to do in the new year.