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The GOP Healthcare Plan: Repeal and Regress

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For seven years, Republicans have been calling for repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) without offering a real replacement plan. Now that we’ve seen a few details of what they’re thinking, it’s clear that their plan is not “repeal and replace.” If anything, it’s a plan for “repeal and regress.”

  • According to an analysis based on numbers provided by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the latest GOP “plan” falls $818 billion short of replacing the health insurance subsidies that Americans are already getting under the ACA.

  • Why the shortfall? The Republicans are more interested in giving tax breaks to millionaires than in ensuring middle class Americans keep their health coverage. Under the latest GOP “plan,” millionaires will receive an average tax break of $50,000.

Trump and his rubber-stamp-Congress are saying that they have a plan to keep the popular portions of the Affordable Care Act while repealing the parts of the law that pay for it. Don’t be fooled and don’t let them get away with it! The numbers don’t lie—and their math doesn’t hold up. Read the full report here.

We can’t make Republicans listen to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, but we can make sure that they listen to their constituents. Ask your MoCs to commit to protecting coverage for everyone who benefits from the ACA.