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Congress STILL Needs to Reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) ensures nearly 9 million children have health insurance. CHIP is a federal-state partnership where the federal government provides most—or in some cases, all—of the funding necessary to cover uninsured children. No one thought Congress would let CHIP funding expire on September 30, but that’s exactly what they did. Now almost a month later, Republicans still have not found the time to reauthorize CHIP.

No one thought Congress would let CHIP funding expire on September 30, since it typically enjoys strong bipartisan support, but that’s exactly what they did. Now, Republicans want to include a temporary “fix” for the states that are running out of CHIP funding soonest on the “Continuing Resolution” Congress is voting on this week. This is an inadequate patch job and far short of the long-term reauthorization that CHIP needs.

If Congress doesn’t act soon, states will start running out of money. Some states have already stopped taking new applications for CHIP. Check the map below to see when your state runs out of CHIP funding. Call your Member of Congress to tell them to reauthorize CHIP ASAP by using a bipartisan approach that won’t harm the American health care system!



Caller: Hello! My name is [ ] and I’m calling from [part of state]. I’m calling to ask that the [MoC] support reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program immediately, using a bipartisan approach.

Staffer: Thanks for calling. [MoC] is strongly supportive of CHIP.

For Republicans

Caller: If [MoC] were really strongly supportive of CHIP, he/she would have insisted that CHIP be reauthorized through a bipartisan process. We do not need to take away healthcare from others to offer it to our children. Additionally, our state runs out of CHIP funding in [check the map above]. What is [MoC] doing to make sure CHIP gets reauthorized ASAP?

Staffer: I’m not sure, but he/she is strongly supportive. I can pass on your thoughts.

Caller: Yes please do, and please take down my contact information so you can let me know what [MoC] does to make sure CHIP is reauthorized.

For Democrats

Caller: Thank you. Our state runs out of funding [check the map above] so it’s really important that Congress do this immediately. I appreciate [MoC]’s support.

Staffer: Thanks. I can pass your thoughts on to the [MoC].

Caller: Thank you very much and thank you for your support.