This Week’s Indivisible Actions: October 8-14

Your weekly Indivisible to-dos:

  1. RECESS IS BACK. The Senate is out on recess this week, followed by the House the next week. We’ve got everything you need to put pressure on your Members of Congress (MoCs) on key issues like Trump’s tax scam, the DREAM Act, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Puerto Rico relief. Check out our latest recess toolkit at

    AND! If you’re planning an action over recess (you should!) register it here.
  2. Trump’s Tax Scam is the next BIG legislative fight. The GOP is making deep cuts to programs. They’re breaking regular order. They’re trying to ram tax cuts for millionaires through reconciliation, just like they tried to do with healthcare. But we know how to win. Check out our explainer (think Tax Policy 101!), call scripts, and contact information on 
  3. Tune in to Facebook Live TONIGHT at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT for MORE tax policy demystifying. We’ll be joined by staff at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a progressive economic think tank who’ll help us break tax policy down even more. We’ll also take your questions live! Like us on Facebook now and you’ll get a notification when we go live. 
  4. Your #TrumpThreatLevel weekly update: from his (non)response to the tragic shooting in Las Vegas to tweetstorms threatening North Korea, Trump’s bigoted, erratic agenda makes us less safe week after week. Use our resources to tell your Members of Congress to speak out on Trump’s warmongering. 
  5. Indivisible 2.0 is here! This summer, our Organizing team set out to have hundreds of conversations with Indivisible Group Leaders about what Indivisibles need to keep building our thriving, growing, and winning movement strong! We’re implementing our findings immediately, but need your help to make it happen. Can you contribute $33 today to help us build Indivisible 2.0? We got a matching grant for this, so every dollar you give through this link is DOUBLED for us!

Dear Indivisibles,

It’s heeeeeere! (October Recess that is.)

Once again, it’s time to make your voice heard on your (and your MoC’s) home turf! And, once again, we have you covered — check out our latest recess guide to find the policy resources, organizing tools, and more.

Even though it seems like Congress is always “in recess”, it’s crucial keep making your voice heard and hold your elected officials accountable each and every time they come back home. The work you’ve done in-district has slowed nearly ALL of the Republicans’ legislative priorities. And we have to keep it up.

The Senate is on recess this week and the House is on recess next week. Here’s a list of issues they need to hear about from you, their constituents!

Check out our October recess guide at to get prepared, get resources, and get to a town hall to hold your MoCs accountable… and take back our democracy.

Tune in to Facebook Live
TONIGHT 10/9 at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT
We’ll discuss the latest details of Trump’s Tax Scam and how you can stop this bill just like you stopped TrumpCare!

This week’s #TrumpThreatLevel

Trump’s pathetic response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Trump declined to denounce this as an act of terror or to propose credible solutions to end gun violence. It’s clear that Trump didn’t take this tragedy seriously, as he actively refused to support common-sense gun safety measures in response. Compare that with his vicious overreaction to the San Bernardino shooting in which he proposed banning all Muslims from the U.S. It’s yet another example of Trump’s white supremacy on display, and how he’s actively making us less safe.

Another weekend, another disastrous tweetstorm on North Korea. Last weekend, Trump took to Twitter to threaten North Korea this time tweeting that Rex Tillerson is “wasting his time” with diplomacy and that he’ll instead “do what needs to be done.” It’s a clear threat of war and Congress can’t let it slide. Use our explainer, talking points, and call scripts to encourage your MoC to speak out against Trump’s warmongering.

Next week: Trump is going to take us closer to war with Iran. Trump is expected to de-certify our deal with Iran that keeps them from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and keeps us out of war. If the deal falls apart, we’re headed to war with Iran, and another North Korea situation. Luckily, Congress can stop him, and we can win this. Use our recess toolkit to make sure Congress is paying attention NOW.

Help us build Indivisible 2.0

This summer, our Organizing team set out on a Listening Tour: conversations with hundreds of Indivisible Group Leaders across the country to find out what’s working, what isn’t working, and challenges Indivisibles face.

No joke, these conversations helped us build what we’re calling Indivisible 2.0.

We spent days reading through the responses to identify common themes, pull out innovations, and better understand the support Indivisibles need. We came up with five key investments we’re making for Indivisible Groups in the next three months:

  1. Guidance on group structures and processes to keep the more than 6,000 Indivisible groups strong and thriving.
  2. Trainings like webinars, political education, and tools to fight white supremacy in our organizing.
  3. New organizers to help conduct trainings, build out electoral programs for 2018, and help you Indivisibles better connect to one another.
  4. Tools to deepen our organizing like access to the voter file; canvassing, phone banking, and peer-to-peer tools to expand your reach; and in-person, regional convenings across the country.
  5. Guidance and support on raising money to support groups’ organizing activities.

To help us launch all of this and more with Indivisible 2.0, we got a matching grant! Every dollar you donate through the link below WILL BE DOUBLED. We’ve got 3 months left to go this year — please consider making a donation of $33 today to support the next phase in our movement’s evolution.

Who likes asking for money? We do! That’s because it means we’re accountable to you and the rest of the Indivisibles. We don’t take money from corporations or political figures, and we don’t take enormous checks that dominate our budget. Our single largest source of funding is small, grassroots donations and, as we roll out Indivisible 2.0, we want to keep it that way.

But as always, investing in us is just one way to contribute to the movement. Nothing is more important to the strength of the Indivisible movement than you getting involved locally with your group. So, by all means, if you can, throw us some change, but please keep resisting on your home turf. This is how we’ve won and will keep winning.

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team

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