“Excuse me, Senator…” : Indivisibles Are Bird-Dogging With The Best Of ‘Em

Last August Recess, with many members of Congress refusing to schedule traditional town halls, we encouraged Indivisible groups to start getting ready to do some “bird-dogging,” or confronting your lawmaker at a public appearance and asking them tough questions.

When it’s done well, bird-dogging can make for great headlines–and seriously put a politician on the spot.

You guys did it really, really well.

With October recess ahead, here are just a handful of highlights from last recess. We’re excited to see what you get up to this time!

In Illinois…

Fox2 – Constituent confronts Rep. Mike Bost over healthcare.

In Tennessee…

ShareBlue: GOP senator accuses mom worried about her kids’ insurance of being a paid fake activist.

In Ohio…

Huffington Post: GOP Senator Laughs In Woman’s Face When Asked To Stop Taking Fossil Fuel Money.

In California…

Turlock Journal – New health center opening met with applause, protest.

In Oregon…

The Oregonian – Protesters deride Paul Ryan and Greg Walden outside swanky fundraiser.

In Georgia….

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Video) – Protesters gather outside Blanchard Leadership Forum, ask Georgia’s Sen. David Perdue for Town Hall meeting.

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