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This is for anyone who is part of a group (or forming a group) pursuing the Indivisible strategy.

We’re creating a public directory of groups to help you make connections on your home turf. All Indivisible groups are independent advocates who have agreed to organize according to Indivisible’s principles. We’ll also be sending special updates to group leaders to help build local congressional action plans.

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Our group agrees with these three principles:
  1. Resist Trump's agenda. We believe Trump’s agenda is racist, misogynistic, authoritarian, and corrupt, and it must be stopped
  2. Embrace progressive values. We model inclusion, respect, and fairness in all of our actions.
  3. Coordinate and collaborate. We partner with other Indivisible groups on advocacy, elections, and national Indivisible campaigns.
  4. Build a strong and strategic movement. We focus our efforts to maximize our impact, winning progressive policy victories and taking power at the local, state, and federal level.
Your group must agree in order to be considered to be listed in the public directory